What to Do After a Vehicle Accident

Vehicle accidents are terrible: from the damage to the time and nuisance of getting a rent car, paying excesses, and standing in line getting your affairs in order. This is especially frustrating when it is not even your fault. Here is everything you need to know and keep in mind for that unfortunate event of finding yourself in accident.

Firstly be prepared – keep a pen and notepad in your car at all times.

After a vehicle accident make sure that you are not injured. You may also want to feel around your head for any bumps or cuts as you may not feel any pain at the time or even remember hitting your head from the blow. Also, make sure the other party is not injured either as in certain countries there are legal mandates about moving of the vehicles out of the way of traffic until police are on scene and the forensic photographer has done their work.

You and the other party will need to exchange details. Get their phone number, name and surname, TIN, and contact number. Beware especially if the other party is to blame that they may give false information. While there is nothing you can do to completely avoid this you can try to get as much information as possible from them, ask them for their work address and contact number may also be useful.

Details of the car are absolutely important. The person driving may not be the owner of the car or may lie to you giving you, as mentioned, false information. Check that you have the license plate number of the car, the car’s registration number, the make and model as well as the colour. Finally, take photos of the accident scene and the damage on your car – this can be very useful for insurance and court investigations.