Liability and Credit

It is a legal requirement for every driver in the United States to possess liability insurance, as the bare minimum, on every vehicle they own. Many road users are unaware that this cost is directly related to their credit history. It is only natural to believe that your insurance premium is based upon your driving record, although this assumption is actually far from the truth.

Nationwide Insurance conducted a recent study, which revealed an average variance of 17% when comparing a customer with a good credit rating to one with a fair score. The difference between good and poor ratings was even more alarming, discovered to be a staggering 67%. The figures from Allstate were equally surprising, as a client with an exemplary credit score would have to pay just $948 in comparison with $1,078 for fair and $1,318 for a poor rating. State Farm also offers an insurance rate of $563 to those with good credit, whilst customers with a poor history have to pay more than double for their insurance, at a lofty $1,277.

These findings are indeed troubling, leading society to wonder what else could be affected by their credit history. Luckily, such variances don’t apply to the online gaming world, in which each customer can play without prejudice at such popular sites as the Gaming Club Casino, which provides hours of fun and, of course, the chance to win big prizes from the comfort of home.

However, companies do take credit history into regard when determining how much is required for a down payment and the types of payment options available. With insurance costs currently at a premium, this startling truth is even more disturbing.