Instruments of House Insurance

The majority of house insurance, also known as homeowner’s insurance, is made up of four types of policies, which include the structure of the house, personal belongings, liability protection, and additional living expenses for temporary housing.

Structure of Your Home

Within your policy, the insurance policy states that it will pay to rebuild or repair your home if the house is destroyed by certain disasters often including lightening, hail, hurricane, and fire. In many cases, the policy may not cover flooding, tornadoes, or other damages. In the majority of home owner’s policies, the structure of your home along with any other buildings on the property will also be included such as a shed or other structures.

Personal Belongings

When it comes to personal belongings this will include any possession in the home when the disaster occurred that was damaged or destroyed. This part of the policy also covers any items that were stolen or damaged by the disasters mentioned above. You should be sure that you have enough coverage to replace all items in your home including clothing, appliances, TVs, and even collectibles. This portion of the policy also includes all of your personal items that you may wish to take with you on vacation if they are stolen or damaged.

Liability protection

This part of your policy will cover you in the case that people who visit your property are harmed in some way such as a fall on your sidewalk or are bitten by your dog. The same goes if your child accidentally spills a drink on an expensive imported rug at a neighbor’s home, this portion of the policy will cover the damage.

Additional living expenses

Additional living expensesThis part of your house insurance policy will cover your costs if you cannot live in your home until it is repaired. This means it will cover such things as hotel stays, meals, and other usual living expenses.