Different Types of Insurance

There are many different types of insurance policies as there are different things that can happen to cause us loss such as accidents, illnesses, and of course death. The most common types of insurance policies include:

  • Life Insurance will pay the beneficiary of the policy the amount of life insurance coverage the insured purchased.
  • Health Insurance will not only help pay for regular checkups but will also cover the cost of hospitalization, surgeries, and medications.
  • Vehicle InsuranceVehicle Insurance is a bit different, as there are several different types of car insurance policies you can choose. In most cases, you must at least carry liability insurance, but this will not pay for damages to your car or those harmed in your car. The best vehicle insurance policy is comprehensive, which will cover all the losses and damages.
  • Home Insurance will provide you with money to replace the items you lost in the case of a fire, flood, tornadoes, or other disasters according to the policy you choose.
  • Travel Insurance will cover any loss, sickness, injury or inconvenience that was a result of the travel. Some policies cover hijackings and flight delays, among others.
  • Burial Insurance will pay for funeral expenses in the event of your death, so the burden is not left to your family.
  • Dog Bite Insurance covers families that have a dog as a pet in the case that it bites someone. You may have your dog in your yard and a small child starts teasing the dog and sticks their hand in the fence and your dog bites. This insurance will cover you if you are sued.
  • Workers Compensation is the insurance that an employer has to cover any medical expenses or income that occurred at work.
  • Portable Electronic Device Insurance is a new type of insurance. as just about everyone carries tablets, laptops or cellphones these days and it will cover the replacement or repair if the gadget is damaged, lost, or stolen.